Thursday, August 19, 2010

Fall is coming!

It's hard to believe. I like the end of summer, starting a new school year. Having been a student or connected to a university for much of my life, it always feel like a fresh start, the fall. We had DS2's practice bus ride today. I was stunned, he went off easily with friends, though clearly after the fact he was pretty freaked out. Poor guy, he takes after me in his dislike of change. It's hard, having them growing up and moving away from me. The issues get more complex, more challenging the older they get - I can't fathom what it'll be like when they're teenagers!!

We are just back from our vacation. We went to my hometown this year, and stayed with my folks, which was really fun. I really wish I could move back there. I love my hometown, and I think it'd be a great place to raise kids! If we could sell our house and my husband could find a decent job, we could even afford it! Almost. It's a total pipedream, and I love our house and home and life here too...

I'm not crafting at all. I even took knitting with me and not only did I not do any, I didn't even go to the yarn store!! *gasp* What's wrong with me??

There's lots of stuff I want to be doing, but finding the energy and time is not easy right now. I'm not sure why, it's not like we're doing all that much else at the moment!


Starting over with gratitude....there's so much to be grateful for, but today I'll be grateful for my friends' babysitter, who made off with both my boys to play with their friends, all day! The baby girl and I had a fun day together! Even if she didn't nap.

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Dorothy said...

I'd like to move to my hometown too! I totally hear you about that one.

I hope you had a wonderful, restful, fun-filled summer!