Friday, May 15, 2009

Guilt and Knitting (or lack thereof).

I have to keep reminding myself...the thing about hobbies is, they're for FUN. I don't get paid to knit, just the opposite really, so it's okay to take time "off" for having fun. I have the sort of personality that is way too loyal, so when I commit to something, I do it FULLY. Knitting is just not high on my list right now! It's been a busy busy month, and things aren't looking to calm down any time soon! All this is to say, really, I'm not knitting much at all. I did several more rows on my Mini Mochi sock, and that's about it. I don't know, some folks knit all year round, but I do find my knitting tapers off a LOT in the summer.

We've had a couple of major milestones. DS2 turned FOUR last week. We had an in-school celebration on the day of his birthday (along with a field trip to the Butterfly Place), and we're having the kid party tomorrow. Thankfully, we decided to outsource, so we're going to a party place. It's cheesy, yeah, but hey, I don't have to clean up my house or figure out what to do with 19 guests!! I just can't forget to make the cake. And my daughter. I can't believe she's one. Having a third was such a leap of faith (well, having kids at all is a leap, isn't it?). I am so, so glad we did it. We were so lucky - blessed - to have her, and she's just a joy to me, every day. Not every single moment is, of course, but we get way more moments than most, I think. I was such an anxious first-time mom, and when my second came, not only was I completely sleep-deprived, I had a couple of major losses (my uncle dying, some friendships changing) that first year, and was just really sad for a long time. With her, we'd moved out of the city and I've been really happy here, I've got amazing friends in my life (both old and new), and I think, since I know she's my last, I'm just savoring it as much as I can. And, she's such a delightful baby. Not easy, exactly, she's very very active (just like her brothers), into everything and a bit of a handful, but she's such a sunny baby, I'm just so lucky.

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Dorothy said...

Aren't kids such a blessing? It's amazing how much calmer I seem to be with the third!