Friday, April 17, 2009

Has anyone seen it?

My motivation, that is.

I just don't feel like knitting, how weird is that? Well, I do feel like starting a new sock, but I really shouldn't - too much on needles. The weather is finally getting nicer (it was GORGEOUS today, 70 degrees!), so we've been spending more time outside. I've got some weird virus that's making me feel like CRAP in the evenings (horrible sore throat, runny nose, earaches etc.), so my energy when I have time to knit is low. And I'm just not...excited by anything I'm doing right now. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to have some new things DONE (oh darn, just realized that I forgot to give my mom the scarf I made for her when she was here!), but apparently I don't want it enough to, you know, FINISH things. This happens to me, I know it'll come back...

So, since I don't have any knitting content, I give you a cute baby picture:

We went to the beach today to play (I still can't quite believe that I now live WALKING distance to a beach! Pinch me, someone!) and DD had a lovely time in the swing!

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