Friday, April 03, 2009


I just frogged the Mini Mochi sock. It's always a bit heartbreaking, how quickly one can rip out hours of work. I'd only invested...maybe 3ish hours in it? Something like that. There were enough errors that I knew it was going to make me crazy, and if I'm going to put that much work into something, I want it to be right.


1. Needle size. I really wanted to try the KP harmony fixed circs, but apparently I bought them in 2.25 mm...well, no apparently about it, I *did* buy them in 2.25, and I seem to prefer 2.5s for most sock yarns. The needles themselves are really pretty but I kept worrying that I was going to snap one. They are nice and pointy though. The fabric they were making was just a bit tighter than I was liking.

2. Yarn issues. Now, this yarn is so pretty. SO SO PRETTY. But, it's not tightly plied at all, and seemed almost unplied at points. I kept snagging so that somehow I had several loops sticking out, which aren't pretty. Now, I could probably have just pulled them through with a little crochet hook, but there were enough that I knew it would bug me, and there was one big error. I don't even know what happened, it looked almost like I dropped a stitch, or perhaps I dropped most of a stitch.

Like I've said before, I have an error threshold, and I passed it. I'm going to try again with nickel-plated 2.5s and see how it goes. But not right away. I need some time to get off my ass and finish some other projects nurse my wounded heart.

Knitting, it's not for the faint of heart.

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