Monday, September 29, 2008

Random Thoughts In No Particular Order

I am recovering from a weekend spent at my parents' house, with my kids and without my husband. Now, it was a lovely weekend, don't get me wrong. I'm lucky enough to have pretty fab parents who are hands on and involved, but also respectful of my parenting. My sister was sick so I didn't get to see her at all. It was a nice weekend (well, part of why we go every year is that my uncle passed away suddenly 4 years ago right after my mom's birthday, so I try and go and be with her), but I'm just burnt out. It's hard to be the primary parent 24-7. I have long been in *awe* of single parents, and weekends like this just highlight it for me.

I'm also fighting some sort of ick, with runny nose and sore throat, so I'm tired from that.

Tonight is the first night having DD sleep in her own crib (in the boys' room, now the kids' room, I guess) and I have very very mixed feelings about that. On the one hand, perhaps she'll start sleeping better, and in turn, I'll get more than 2-3 consecutive hours of sleep and oh man, wouldn't that be nice. But, she's my last baby, she's so sweet and snuggly and wonderful, I absolutely love having her in my bed with me. So I'll miss her. It's such a cliche, but damn, they grow so fast.

I'm in blah-land, knitting-wise. I'm crocheting a bit, having fun with that, and I started a new project today. :) I can't say too much about it, but when it's done and the pieces fall into place, I'll post pictures. Hopefully it'll be cool and not stupid.

Someone posted a vest that they had made on LJ, and I fell in love with it, and thought "hey, wouldn't it be great to knit a sweater vest?" Somehow that seemed like THE article of clothing I needed. I still remember the baby blue argyle sweater vest I had in 7th grade that I wore with a white turtleneck and pink pants. I felt so put together in that outfit! Let's see...7th grade would have been....1982.

I so need to work on DD's sweater. I'm not in the mood. I actually did no crafting at all this weekend, even though there was time and space to do it. I just felt more like reading.

It's somehow completely turned into Fall. Which, as I mentioned, is a mixed time for me. I did buy pumpkins for carving today...I'd like to carve them early enough to enjoy for a while but not so early that they rot. I'm not sure when that would be. I'm thinking of getting some little lights from Michael's instead of candles.

I really don't have anything interesting to say, and even less knitting/fiber content than usual. Yarn Mojo, where are you when I need you?!?!

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