Monday, May 05, 2008

Stepping into New Territory

In more ways than one.

In non-knitting life news, many good things have happened. We sold our condo, so we're now down to one mortgage and one HELOC, and hopefully by tomorrow the condo check will have cleared, so we'll only have one mortgage! Hooray! It's amazing, this has been one of those situations that I didn't even realize how stressful it was, until that stress was lifted. We've had both the euphoria and the post-euphoria crabbiness, so hopefully we'll head into more calm waters now. I also have filled (signed contracts and deposits) my son's coop nursery school classes for next year, which has also been a BIG THING hanging over me. Phew! He's got about 5 more weeks of school and then we're done with all the commuting into Cambridge. We also have about a month before #3 shows up, and we bought a minivan. Yikes.

In knitting news...I finished the Double Braided Cable Scarf. I want to write up the pattern and post it somewhere, in case anyone ever wants to do one! Okay, perhaps finished is the wrong term. I've completed the knitting. I have to weave in the end (not too many) and then...BLOCK IT. I have to confess, I have never blocked anything in my life. I've only knit kid's sweaters, and most of them out of acrylic (I know, the shame of it), which can't be blocked. This scarf, even with the garter stitch edge, is still really pulling in, and I think(?) blocking it would help. The issue is, because it's a new skill set for me, I'm scared to start. I need to do some reading and figure out what I need to do, and how to do it. More on that as I have information.

I told DH that the scarf was really for him, and he got very very happy about it. I'm planning some sort of hat to go with. I can't decide if I want to do a cable hat, even though the cables won't match, or just do a plain watch cap type thing for him. I could just ask him what he'd like, I suppose. (Note: he said "Cable that's different.") I had a nice pattern for the Irish Hiking Hat somewhere (still owe my BIL a remake of that too), so I could do that fairly quickly.

The exciting thing is that this gets me down to TWO projects on needles (plus the "coming home from the hospital" hat that I want to churn out for the Froggie). Both are socks. One is a very vanilla stockinette sock, toe up. I'm almost ready to turn the heel, which is very exciting. The other is Falling Leaves #2, which my son pulled the needle out of, so I need to just start it over.

I also think that nesting may be kicking in because I came very, very close to pulling ALL of my knitting stuff (which is waaaay disorganized) out of the closet and organizing it today. I'd love to do it, maybe next weekend, I won't have time until then.

All sorts of great stuff coming up. DS2 turns 3 (THREE! How did this happen??) on Wednesday. This weekend we're having our 2nd annual Mother's Day Brunch with some friends, out here at the house, so I assume Saturday will be spent cleaning. OH and picking up our new car!! The following weekend is DS2's party, with family and some friends, yay! Since I'll be 38 weeks pg (which happens to be when I actually delivered DS2), we're doing way simple: cake and ice cream cups. It looks like we'll be having either my mom or MIL with us from DS2's party until the birth. Given how much driving I have to do for DS1 right now (150 miles a week), I'm a tad nervous about being alone in the car with the kids, so I think we may call upon our support system to help us out. (I will admit that I'm hoping the Froggie shows up early.) So, all this means, probably not much time for knitting!

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