Friday, May 23, 2008

AGAIN with the no knitting content.

DD is 9 days old. She is jaundiced, not gaining weight appropriately (she actually lost weight from two days ago), and had to be readmitted for a couple of days of baking under the lights. Our ped is making noises of concern - he's not freaking out, but we'll be in every day this weekend for weight checks, and rechecking her bilirubin, and I am just hoping to avoid rehospitalization (again).

She's an incredibly sweet baby, but I have to say, the transition to three kids (OH MY GOD, I HAVE THREE CHILDREN) has been a tad...rocky. DS2 is having a particularly hard time. He's incredibly sweet with her, but man oh man is he fragile. We're supposed to go to a birthday party tomorrow, I have yet to purchase the gifts (a double party), and I'm now running a fever too.

I don't think I'm drowning, yet, but I do think I need to just have a big fat cry, but I've got guests and no space in which to do it. I am well aware that a lot of this is just the post-partum hormone crash, and this too shall pass, but dude. I'd sort of forgotten how hard these first few weeks are.

And I can't find one of my sock projects and I'm freaking out that I lost it because I thought I took it to the hospital but it's not in that bag. I haven't actually been able to get it together to, you know, LOOK for it, which might help, so all I'm doing is feeling anxious.

Blah. Sorry for the downer post, it's really all okay.

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