Saturday, May 10, 2008

Not knitting, but progress!!

My yarn/tools/knitting stuff organization (or lack thereof) has been making me crazy for, oh ages, and even after moving, it hadn't improved. I have many different bins, overflowing with random printouts of patterns, yarn, plastic baggies with stuff or leftover yarn in it...I've been looking for different things lately. I'd get a thought of "wait, didn't I have THAT yarn?" and my OCD wouldn't allow me to let it go, I *had* to search through everything and find whatever it was that had crossed my mind. My knitting needles were all over the place, and it was just annoying!

So, today, I pulled out all the various boxes and bins of stuff, and dumped them out and reorg'd! Now I have one big bin of kitchen cloth yarn and kid-related yarn, one big bin of other misc. yarn and left over yarn, two smaller bins of sock yarn (I had to admit that I'd gone beyond the one), a bin of tools, and a bin of random papers/books/patterns. My energy didn't extend to actually sorting those, but at least now they're all in one place. All my needles are together. I ripped out some lingering projects (the damn Berroco Boho scarf which had FALLEN OFF the needles because the yarn is so slick; the Jaywalkers (whoa, looks like it's no longer available on the web, that link is to the Ravelry pattern) that were just never gonna fit). I also have a basket of current stuff, and another bin of "next on the list" projects: a dishcloth (because I have such a ridiculous amount of kitchen cotton), a cable hat for DH, and a hat for the Froggie.

In other news, I've had the joy of (attempting) to teach a couple of folks to knit. One is the 6 year old daughter of a friend (my older son has the world's biggest crush on this wonderful little girl). I got some advice and gave it a try - she did great! She actually sat with me for a good 45 minutes, and seemed to get the knit stitch. We'll see if she sticks with it. Apparently at her school, once a week during recess there is a knitting club, and she's been wanting to go, but since she didn't know at all how to knit, she was too shy.

The other was even more fun, one of my dearest friends in the world (J) was on bedrest for a couple of weeks (knock wood that she stays pregnant a few more weeks), so I forced her to learn offered to teach her to knit. She seemed to really enjoy it, and has been knitting some wonderful swatches. When DS2 and I went to visit her yesterday, I showed up with a small bin of kitchen cotton (even though cotton is harder to work with, I think dishcloths are some good first projects), and she commented "That's a lot of yarn!" I started laughing and thought "You should see the rest of my stash" (which really isn't that big, compared to some!). I'm hoping she'll get addicted and then we can be knitting buddies as well as friends!

And in other OTHER news...we had an ultrasound on Thursday, and everything looks good (still no penis in evidence). I'm starting to dilate and efface, for whatever that's worth (something? nothing? who the hell knows). And, this came to live with us today:

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