Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Making Progress

Room is painted and I am SO thrilled with it!  I love the color, it looks so clean and crisp and nice, AND it makes the room feel so much more like me!  I'm surrounded by brown in this house, and it's just not my color.  It was such fun!  And we have our Ikea trip on Friday, which should also be a blast! It's a crazy weekend, so hopefully I will get my organizing done.

I got the book pick-up scheduled, and I'm sending off a bunch of clothes too.

I'm also moving forward on other things.  I got my EIN from the IRS, and I got my business permit from the town, and opened a business bank account today.  Next step is to get the office space set up, which involves MORE CLEANING, purging, sorting and organizing.  I'm also thinking of getting a screen to set up to divide the office space from the play space.

I've been taking a photography class, and I'm signed up for the next one as well, and I'm very excited about that!  I've gotten some positive feedback (though in general the teacher is very very enthusiastic about the shots the students take), and this week's assignment is portraits, so obviously I'm thrilled!  I'm actually doing a portrait session for my friend's parents on Saturday, which should be really fun (yikes and is also terrifying, what if I completely screw it up?!?).  I think the biggest thing this class has done is gotten back into shooting manually, and it's taught me SO much about my camera!  The teacher is very funny, and definitely A Personality.

I have a friend who's going to do my website and logo for me, and I set up a FB page (though I've been too chicken to invite anyone to it).

So, I've been processing a lot about all this, and had some good insights yesterday. I think I realized that I am, in fact, a Myers-Briggs introvert. People who know me may be going "Whaaa?" but really, it's true.  Yes, I'm very social and outgoing, and I do really like people, but the older I get, the more I find social interactions tiring and the more I crave alone time.  Now, maybe I'm really just an X, balanced between the two, but I think that understanding my need for down-time is important.  I had a hard time this weekend with DH away for 4 days, and being non-stop parent was not easy.  In addition, we have, well, not the most mellow of kids (I know! So weird!  Where DO they get it?!?).  But yeah, intensity abounds in our family.  That's a good thing, in many ways, but it has made me really start questioning the fit for me on my chosen profession.  Finding work that allows me a balance between interacting with people and being alone sounds really lovely.  Now, I'm not doing anything rash, quitting my job or anything, but I'm realizing just how vigilant I really need to be to protect my energy level, and that eventually, I think not doing this work is the right thing for me.

So yeah, it's all good and feels like things are really in motion right now.

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