Sunday, April 15, 2012

The excitement never ends around here!

So, on New Year's Eve, my delightful daughter was eating a snack.  The snack was peanuts.  About 10 minutes after she ate, her face and lips got all puffy.  When you call your pediatrician's office saying "My kid ate peanuts and now her lips are swollen" they, well, they freak out.  We went in for the bloodwork.  All negative.  We had a first round of skin testing: peanuts, tree nuts, environmental stuff, other food stuff...all negative.  We had a second round of skin testing, all negative.  We came on Friday for her peanut challenge.  She had another peanut scratch test, with fresh peanut.  It was so negative it was smaller than the negative control!  We all figured this would be a no-brainer, and started the challenge.  They started with 1/2 a peanut.  And within 2 minutes, her cheeks were BRIGHT red, the left more than the right, but both of them.  I called in the nurses, and they said "Oh" and we stopped the challenge.  They gave her Zyrtec and monitored her for a 1/2 hour or so, but that's all that happened.  Because it's weird, we go back in a few weeks for another peanut challenge.  I just don't quite know what to think, but it's weird.  I hate the non-knowing place.  I want to be sure, one way or the other!!  I can't quite wrap my head around it, to be sure.

In other news...let's see.  It's school vacation week here!   I had really hoped to go away but DH's company was bought out by The Man recently, and he has no vacation time yet.  And we have other things planned for the summer, so we need to hoard it anyway.  So, we'll both be working.  I need to figure something out for Thursday, as we have about a 20 minute gap between when he has to leave for work and I get home from work.  I am sure we can find a babysitter in the neighborhood, I just need to get off my behind and do it!

I am so unmotivated to be doing any craft work these days.  I'm not taking pictures either.  After the emotional 10 days I just wrote about, we had some excitement with a friend having some complications with a C-section.  I took care of her kids during this, and it was pretty scary for a bit, so that took up the week.  Mama and baby are fine, and baby girl is ADORABLE.  I do need to get knitting!!  Both my sons are obsessed with ninjas right now, and I believe McCall patterns are on sale this week, so I may try and do some sewing.

I am feeling really good about our new priest at our church.  I'm not sure it's going to be enough to keep DH there, but that's okay.  I think this guy is really pretty amazing, and I've found his sermons resonate really strongly with me, and give me a lot to think about.  Today he talked about doubt and how it's an essential part of the resurrection experience.

Okay, enough for now.  I had my geek book club over on Friday night and we had friends over yesterday...I am exhausted!  TIME FOR BED!

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