Thursday, January 29, 2009

Details on the Hat and Scarf

So, the hat is the Noro One-Skein Spiral hat. It is knit in Noro Silk Garden, colorway 241. I knit this on my 16" size 7 circs, and finished with the Magic Loop, using my KP Options. I cast-on 88 stitches, and did around 6 or 7 rows of a 2x2 ribbing, which I actually like for this hat. It's definitely a fitted hat, and I have a smaller head, so if your head is normal sized, either go up a couple of sizes on needles or cast on more stitches. The first attempt I made, I had to frog because my eyelits were stacking instead of spiraling. Turns out that I was misreading the pattern. When you actually follow the pattern, it works! I knit it to about 5 3/4" deep, and then did the decreases. I *love* the top, and it's exceedingly clever in how it's done! This is a cute hate and I'm really enjoying it! In the picture, it's sitting on my medium-sized mixing bowl which seems to be a good fit for blocking hats...I'm not sure how it'll work to block a hat with more of a brim (I'm doing a felted cloche next), but we'll see.

The scarf is from the Gentle Stripes pattern. I cast-on 28 instead of whatever she suggests (20? 24?), because I like a wider scarf for warmth. I think this pattern works really well with the color gradations of Noro. And I love the fact that the ends somehow came out almost matching! It's a warm and cozy scarf, and I've been wearing it almost non-stop.

So, still on needles we have...

1. Another Noro Stripe Scarf
2. Branching Out
3. My Cat Bordhi sock (can't remember which one it is)

And to be cast-on, my poor neglected Falling Leaves sock.

Once I get these things done, I need to focus on socks for a while. I really need more socks and winter is showing no signs of ever letting up, so warm socks are a must! I find that when I wear my commercial socks now, my feet are just cold! No good.

Oh, and my younger son has taken the felted Foliage for his own, which makes me really happy. He loves green. I can't find Malabrigo Chunky in Olive in-stock anywhere, but perhaps that's for the best.

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AudKnits said...

I loved seeing how my Gentle Stripes scarf pattern knit up in your Noro. Your scarf is beautiful! Thanks for posting the photos on Ravelry.