Thursday, November 01, 2012

Northeast Mayhem

We were very lucky in Massachusetts.  We're far enough inland, and high enough that we had no flooding.  I think in our neighborhood, pretty much all the trees and limbs that were at risk had already come down in the last few years (the ice storm of 2008, Irene, The Halloween Blizzard).  We were only out of power for 20 hours (which shows you how much my perspective has changed, that that's really not bad), we had lots of wind and rain but other than that, it was okay.  My heart breaks for the communities in NJ and NY and other places that were so devastated.  Is this the new normal?  We're going to get through the winter and in the Spring we're getting a generator, probably a stand-by.  We need something that can power the fridge and freezers, the septic pump up and possibly the furnace.

In other news...well, looks like my son is going to be dancing in the touring company of the local Nutcracker.  We hadn't planned to have him do so, but they emailed us today that they need him.  :)  I'm a bit freaked out, it may change our plans for Thanksgiving, and it's a big commitment but I think we can make it work.

I cannot believe it's already November!  I'm not getting any crafting done at the moment.  I've stalled on all the purging right now. I'm trying to get motivated for tomorrow - my oldest will be home sick and my youngest doesn't have school, so we can't go anywhere, so I want to really get the playroom worked on, so I can set up my new desk and then buy my new computer!!  I'll let you all (all 3 of you, haha!) know how it goes!!

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