Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What time is the charm?

So, this Baby Surprise Jacket.  The saga so far: started on little needles with sock yarn, and had to admit that it was Just Too Small. I love the yarn, so I'll make socks or something out of it.  No waste but time, right?  I started it again with Cotton Tots and wasn't loving it and it looked HUGE.  So now I've got some sort of acrylic Bernat that looks good, in lavendar, which is the color for this eagerly-awaited baby girl, so that's good.  For each attempt, I've had to cast on 3x, which is 9x at 160 stitches each...I don't know why I find long-tail cast on challenging, but I obviously do.  Anyway, I'm moving ahead on this.

We've been derailed but the stomach flu at my house.  Both my son and I have an autoimmune thing that basically leaves us really vulnerable to stomach bugs.  There was a bad one going around my town a month ago and I was hopeful that we had avoided it, but no.  It hasn't hit me yet, I'm just waiting and praying it doesn't come on during work tomorrow because that would be awful.  My poor son threw up right in the middle of piano practice (to which my older son said, "that was so...SO...SUDDEN!")  and then threw up every 15 minutes for 7 hours.  That sucked.  There's something about parenting under those conditions, though, that just sort of drops me into this very calm and patient place.  Normally I'm not that good in a crisis, but this, I don't know.  I'm not typically patient either, but just being present with  my poor kiddo through that yuckiness, it's a very powerful experience.  NOT to say it was enjoyable, at all, but just like marriage, we parent "for better and for worse" right?  It's part of the commitment.  And it is a real practice in simply being present and in the moment. My daughter also has a high fever and horrible cold, so she's been home for two days now.  I feel pretty gross, myself, especially considering I spent the night on a pallet of yoga mats next to my vomiting child.  Which is as restful as it sounds.  So we're all germy here - when this passes, I'm going to bleach the house.

In other exciting news, though, my husband and I are going on vacation!!!!  I AM SO EXCITED, allcaps doesn't even begin to convey it. We've got childcare lined up, tickets are purchased, I've started planning clothes, and I'm using it as inspiration to get in better shape. I've been working out every day, and doing yoga as well, so that's cool.

Okay, now I'm going to KNIT and get off the internet!!


Perpetua said...
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Perpetua said...

I wish I could knit and use the internet. I's get so much more knitting done. :-) Happy trip.

katney said...

Testing your comment form on behalf of one of your readers.

sally12 said...
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