Monday, May 17, 2010

365-88: Time Flies

I'm really having trouble blogging these days, both about knitting and about gratitude. Why is that, I wonder. I'm not knitting at all at the moment. I need to bind off my sock but I finished it at library knitting. I have blocked Swallowtail yet, I'm scared too. I keep looking at yarn but I've got a stash, more than enough, so there's nothing I need.

It's not that I'm not feeling grateful, I am-though I think reconnecting to it on a daily basis would be good. In part, I'm feeling like I've not got much interesting to say. Life is sort of just rolling along. We're winding down the school year. DH is working too much and I'm not sleeping well, so we're good but tired. Sometimes I feel like my life is a bit small these days, you know?

So in the spirit of reconnecting to my gratitude, today I am grateful for:

• Motrin that works on my migraines;
• The beautiful Spring weather;
• Playdates that go smoothly!

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Anonymous said...

That's the real challenge, isn't it? To take a moment and feel gratitude for things on those perfectly ordinary days.

I know what you mean, on the one hand, by "sometimes I feel like my life is a bit small," and on the other hand ask myself "compared to what?"

I read (I think it was in Women, Food, & God) that every day 150,000 people die on this planet. Any one of them would love to have one more day to write about a "small life" on the computer.