Friday, July 10, 2009

Blog Name Not So Accurate the moment, anyway. I'm not doing much knitting at all, either with a purpose or without one. It's summer, it finally got warm, I have three kids. Yeah, yeah, same old same old. It does hit me sometimes, holy cowzels (a phrase of my son's), I have THREE kids! That's a lot of kids. Thankfully they're awesome. Have you ever noticed that all bloggers' kids are (a) awesome and (b) brilliant? Heh.

I will say that I'm enjoying July a lot more than June. At this moment in time, everyone seems healthy (knock wood, it won't last). Older son's bone thing was nothing. Younger son's tummy thing is NOT celiac (don't know what it is but it's not celiac). We're really busy, which seems odd, because it is summer, but we're having fun. The last couple of weeks have been hit or miss with weather (miss, really), but we've had a couple of good days. Today being one of them - it's GORGEOUS out there. We spent the entire morning at the beach. Both boys actually enjoyed their swim lessons - hey, how odd, when it's warmer than 60 degrees, they like it better! Then we just hung out for the rest of the morning! We came home for DD's nap and now we're heading back to the beach, to meet up with more friends and have dinner there. The local pizza place delivers to the beach, how awesome is that?

I'd love to get more knitting done...but somehow, when it's hot, I'm just less in the mood.


Stephanie said...

Your kids *are* awesome! :-) Let's try to get "those boys" together again soon.

SoapingKelly said...

I feel the "that's a lot of kids" thing. My little one is now 7 and a half months old and I still cannot get used to telling people I have 4 children. It feels weird to say out loud. That's a lot of kids, alright! LOL As far as the knitting is concerned, don't beat yourself up about it. I wish I had the time, myself. My fingers are itching and I keep scouring my library for something to knit, but can't decide on one pattern OR find the time to even cast on. Little Bit haws just begun the ever joyous separation anxiety portion of her life. Keep having fun and all will be well. :-)