Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Inspiration is percolating.

So, there's that sweater that I want to knit.

And then I was roaming around on and getting some inspiration.

Then I heard that the Summer Knitty was up. And that led me back to Blue Moon Fiber Arts, where I go periodically to drool, though I've yet to actually order anything from them. I will though. Rest assured.

And I always enjoy my romps through KnitPicks. I'm still trying to find THE right lace shawl pattern. There are just so many considerations and things to learn!

It's not like I really have the time (or brain power) right now to do anything complicated. I *must* finish the socks I've got going before I can start anything new. When those are done, I'll have NO projects on needles (a state that cannot continue) and then I'll pick something new.

Uh oh, crying baby, so much for thinking about knitting! And I really should get some sleep.

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