Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I have not abandoned you, o my blog!

I just seem to have abandoned knitting.

No, not really, but it sort of feels that way!

I finished the two blankets: the one for the new baby and a smaller blankie for DS2. Neither were particularly interesting, though I should take some done shots. Then, I haven't done anything. Well, that's not true, lots of life stuff, much more driving than I wish, we did some more unpacking with the house, weekends have been packed and busy, so life is really good, but I'm just not feeling the knitting love. The closest I've gotten to knitting is to (a) transfer my knitting stuff from piles and a shopping bag to a pretty basket in the living room and (b) carry around the green stripey sock but not actually work on it.

However, I did have knitting night at the library last night!! I had forgotten until 10 minutes before, and actually motivated myself to go! I can only go to one meeting a month right now, though once I'm no longer on the board of DS1's school, I can go to both meetings, and I plan to! I got there just as it was starting, and reintroduced myself to everyone. I did an entire cable repeat on the cable scarf, and it looks like I'm 1-2 repeats away from finishing, depending on how long I want this to be. It'll need to be blocked, which will be a first for me. I assume you can block super-wash wool, yes? I am so glad I went, and am just feeling happy about being a member of this community.

So, that's it. I've got some sewing projects on the map at the moment: two baby pouches, and I'm debating fabrics for another MT carrier as well. I so shouldn't be ordering anything, but I've got some money saved for a new carrier and I think I'm going to get something really fun and funky. VERY excited!

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