Saturday, February 02, 2008

What does this say about me?

I am dreaming about yarn. And knitting. I've had several of these dreams of late, it's interesting. I am currently obsessing over yarn, and wanting to knit things for the new baby. And crochet blankets. It's odd. I'm not a very good crocheter. I saw a crocheted blanket in a yarn store a long time ago and LOVED it, and cannot for the life of me remember what it looked like. I have learned this lesson, I think. If I am mesmerized by something in a store, I need to acquire the pattern immediately, because I will need to knit it someday. Or crochet it, apparently.

But these dreams. Mainly in them I'm looking at yarn, which is something I like to do, so it's pleasant. The best one though, was the one in which I was sorting my sock yarn stash, and I kept finding pairs of socks I had knit!! It was funny, they were mostly in colors I don't actually like all that much (a lot of brown for example) but I was so psyched! I adore wearing handknit socks, and I don't have that many pairs completed yet, so clearly my subconscious wants me to knit more socks. OR! Hmm. Maybe it's related to the fact that there's a lot of brown in the new house, but I love it here. I don't know!

Still plugging away on the blanket, that's all I got brain for right now.

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