Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Well go figure.

So younger DS asked to try on the hat this morning. It looked ADORABLE on him. It was cute and not shapeless at all. So, I need to knit another one, maybe one size up needles, and make it longer so it sticks up enough that you can see the top.

Ponder ponder. I think I have something like 3 skeins of the yarn from the purple poncho of DOOM left. So, I guess I'll make another one. Maybe my mom would like this one? I need to give it to someone with a smaller head than mine. :)

Oh yeah, that was my other thoughts about the Art Yarns modular patterns. My frustration with the poncho - I knit the first diamond the size they suggested, and the poncho is just way too big. I have to check if the Supermerino is superwash, maybe if I was it, it'll shrink up a bit (it also stretches when you wear it).

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