Sunday, June 27, 2010

Project Dishcloth is begun!

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Summer is here!


We've been super-busy here at KWAP, surviving the end of the school year. DS1 is moving on to 1st grade, DS2 will be starting *gasp*Kindergarten! And DD may head off to preschool a bit early next winter, we'll see.

After school ended, we headed up to VT to visit my folks for a few days, which was really fun. At this point I'm quite comfortable doing the drive alone with the kids. DH didn't come with me, he didn't have the time off from work (it was last minute trip) and it was his father's day gift, to be home alone without kids. :) Since we came back, we've started getting into the summer groove: beach and friends. I'm building some reading and housework into the schedule too, and as soon as my friend gets back from RI, I'm getting her baby jogger and I'm going to start the boys running a bit.

I just had an inspiration for a craft project as well. I have a *ton* of kitchen cotton and I want to make a whole bunch of dish cloths, so I can ditch the sponges. I think that has been a plan before, and I did make a bunch but my mom decided she liked them so I gave them all to her. I am going to start off with some crochet, just to get in the groove. We'll see how it goes, I'm tired of sponges that smell like swamp.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Knitting Night

I have a couple of different knitting groups put here, one at the library and one with some women in my neighborhood. Tonight my neighboorhood group is going for ice cream!!! Yum!! I am psyched! Especially since I'm not in a knitting mood. I sewed a dress and shorts for my daughter yesterday. I'd love to get good enough that I could sew for myself.

And in other news, I found a church that I'm sort of psyched about. We bagged the fancy church in the wealthy city two towns over. We're just not similar to the people there. We're financially comfortable but we're both not people who are at all into wealth, and I felt like the people who are in our life situation there are much more...I don't know, rich than we are. And they weren't friendly. So I checked out the church in the city two towns north of us. It's much smaller but had a *big* population of young kids, was very low-key in terms of presentation (though still Episcopal), and they kneel, which oddly enough, I like. :-) I'm going away this weekend, but I'll go back next weekend to hear the priest speak, and to suss out the friendliness factor. The priest already has encouraged me to bring the kids, it's cool if they're not perfectly behaved. So, we'll see. It had a nice feel to it.

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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Cupcakes and Updates

In the interest of actually putting a post up here, I'm going to forego looking up the right number. It's a busy time of year, with some bittersweet moments. My younger son turned 5 and "graduated" preschool. I've always felt a bit scornful of the whole notion of graduating from preschool, until I went through it with my oldest. We're blessed to be able to have me at home with the kids, and to have flexibility in our preschool choice, in that we don't need the childcare. So we've chosen small cooperative nursery schools, where we've been very involved. Moving from that to public school, even a small and very warm'n'fuzzy elementary school like we have, is a big change. My younger son is a very sweet and sensitive kid, and he does not like transitions, so I've got a few worries about how this all will go.

I can't believe I'm going to have a 1st grader as well!! I continue to be so glad that he's one of the oldest kids in the class, I think it's so good for him. I'm looking forward to the summer break. I've also been reading some interesting books on homework, and may be taking on the school system. We'll see. :-)

In knitting news, on Plurk, I mentioned I had a cupcake, and a friend wanted one, so I made her one. :-)

In bigger news, I finished and blocked my sister's Swallowtail!

I've got better pictures on the computer, and if I ever have a moment, I'll post them. I am so thrilled of how it came out! It's big, and so pretty and cozy, and she loves it!

My problem is that I am bored with everything I have on needles but I really need to finish more things before I start anything new. I'll need more socks in the fall. You know, as I write this, it's making me think: why do I feel this way? I had *such* fun knitting the cupcake, and it gave me such a spark, you know? It's not like I knit for a living, and if I'm feeling guilty over a hobby, that's ridiculous. This is about joy, not drudgery.

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